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Troy Cook

Change is Inevitable Growth is Optional: Learnings from Navigating Adversity

Troy’s public speaking journey has always been about helping audiences understand how to define success and fulfillment on their own terms. He explores the core principles that allow individual, corporate or organizational success each time he presents. His expertise is acquired through years of personal experience and sharing stories with others who have reached personal satisfaction. These principles include hitting control, alt, and delete to redefine societal defaults for success; establishing and measuring goals and priorities with specific strategies; and overcoming adversity with clearly defined, specific processes.

He has become a favorite for leadership and industry conferences for his inspirational and no-nonsense message that contains valuable takeaways for audience members to reflect on and use for a lifetime of fulfillment. His focus has always been on the audience – inviting them to look into their own lives and networks to identify their own models of success to follow. Troy has served as a messenger, not the message.

On July 12, 2017, Troy had the opportunity to look into his own life to find strength and inspiration. After almost 18 months of chronic and debilitating pain and fatigue, doctors finally diagnosed Troy with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 48. This life-altering diagnosis has put Troy’s lifelong beliefs to the ultimate test. In the short time since his diagnosis and beginning of treatment, Troy has successfully used his many examples from others to provide inspiration and direction for himself and audiences alike. Troy has found a new level of storytelling that wraps in personal stories about pain management, untimely tremors and side effects into each presentation. Laughter, tears, take-your-breath-away moments, and belief in the future are all emotions audience members experience with Troy.

In Troy’s recently released book Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional- Learnings from Navigating Adversity, he tells stories of dealing with the inevitable change of life by finding pathways of personal and professional growth. As he points out often, change is inevitable, growth is optional. The stories and lessons include both personal and corporate examples.

You will not want to miss Troy and his ability to relate to all audiences with inspirational stories helping each to define success and fulfillment for themselves and their organizations on a new level most have never thought about.

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