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California Kids Are No Longer Seeing Gains In Health Coverage

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Children’s health coverage is critical in ensuring kids are on the path to life success. We know that when children have access to comprehensive and quality care, they are more likely to enter school ready to learn and reach graduation. Despite coverage gains in previous years, recent trends show that too many children cannot access regular, preventative health care.

A new analysis by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families shows an estimated 3.9 million children were uninsured nationwide in 2017. The number of uninsured children in the U.S. increased by about 276,000 last year, the first significant increase in a decade, according to the new report. California showed no improvement: About 301,000 or 3.1 percent of California children 18 and younger were uninsured in 2017.

This report shows we must double down on efforts to find and enroll all eligible children in health coverage. United Ways of California has worked steadily on this issue in California since 2004, both through robust advocacy efforts at the state and federal level, and with the work of local United Ways in conducting outreach and enrollment into health coverage for Californians. We will continue to work with advocates across California to help all of our children thrive.

We know that when kids have access to comprehensive, quality health care, we can both help them move forward towards success in life as well as prevent more serious and costly issues later. United Way continues to work towards the goal of quality care for everyone. We are committed to ensuring every child has access to health care that will lead to school success and future financial stability.

Danielle Kilchenstein

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